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How Architectural Shingles Are Different

Are you going to be replacing the roof on your home but you are not sure what makes architectural shingles so special that they are worth the upgrade? Here is what you need to know about how these roofing shingles are different.

They Last Longer

One of the main benefits of selecting architectural shingles for your home is that they are going to last about twice as long as their standard three-tab shingle counterpart. If you plan on living in your home for quite some time, it is worth looking into architectural shingles as a notable upgrade to prevent the need for roof replacement sooner rather than later.

They GIve Your Home A Higher Resale Value

If you don't plan on living in your current home for that much longer, you should know that you can still get your money back on the architectural shingles due to their resale value. It is an upgrade that people can see, unlike adding more insulation to your walls, which means you can get more money from the upgrade when selling. Sellers will also be more likely to appreciate the upgrade when they see it in person since it makes your home look a bit nicer and adds to the curb appeal.

They Have A 3D Look

Some people choose architectural shingles due to how they look on a home after they are installed. This is because they don't lay completely flat like standard three-tab shingles but are raised up and have a bit of a 3D look to them. This can give your home's roof some added texture that makes it stand out in a good way when compared to surrounding homes in the area.

They Weigh More

The heavier weight of the architectural shingles does not add so much weight to your roof that it needs reinforcement. However, the weight does help assist the shingle with laying flat on your roof. It is less likely to lift up and flap around like a normal three-tab shingle, which will help the shingles form a solid seal on the roof. This actually gives the shingle a better wind rating as well.

They Cost More

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of architectural shingles is that they will cost more than three-tab shingles. If you have the money in your budget to upgrade to an architectural shingle, you'll find that the benefits can be well worth the cost. 

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