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Moisture And Water Issues To Maintain With A Flat Roof

Having a flat roof is a common option for many industrial and manufacturing buildings. If you have recently taken over this type of business and a flat roof is present, there are a few things you should know. For example, you should know a few major issues that can happen with a flat roof. Here are some of these issues and how they may lead to flat roof repair. 

Standing Water

Standing water is one of the leading issues to having a flat roof. There are several reasons you may have standing water. These issues deal with either sagging in your roof, leaks in the roofing, or a blockage in the irrigation and drainage system in place. All of these issues can be dangerous for the life of your flat roof. One way to avoid this is by doing a walk-through of the roof following a major storm. Note where water is standing and do another walk-through a few days later. If water is still standing, contact a local roofing contractor. 


Drainage issues do not just affect if water stands or pools and for how long. It can also affect irrigation along the walls of the building, blockages to the guttering systems, and contribute to mildew and mold. Ideally, you will want to do self-maintenance on the roofing on a routine basis. When you begin noticing rips, gaps, slopes, blockages in your drainage, and issues with guttering sagging, then you should contact your roofing contractor. They will need to not only clean the gutterings and any blockages, they will also need to check for the source and what flat roof repairs need to happen. 

Moisture Membrane Issues

Some of the issues you can have with moisture and your flat roof deal with damage to the moisture membrane. When there are heavy winds and rain, small rips and tears can happen to the roofing. You may even have issues with the wind lifting up the flashing around the air ducts, ventilation systems, and skylights. This damage can lead to issues with the moisture membrane, including punctures. The punctures will allow water to enter the area. Even if it does not leak through the membrane, it can cause mold and mildew. In worst-case situations, you will have leaks through the roofing and insulation. 

By keeping these issues in mind, you are more likely to ensure they are checked on a routine basis. By having a routine checklist of your flat roof, you can help reduce the chances of needing flat roof repair. If you do find yourself in need of a roofing assessment to determine current issues, contact a local flat roof repair roofing contractor. They can schedule an appointment that works well with your needs.

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